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Monday, June 25, 2012

Arson Attack in the Queens Park


The fence on Burma Island has been repaired again after people keep smashing it and we find bits in the lake.


The big News is the burning of the Broadwalk bridge which cost £250,000. A dusbin was placed on the bridge on Friday and set on fire being a plastic bin it melted and has burnt through  the bridge.


It looks as if its been caught in time as if the main beam was badly burnt half the bridge would have to come to bits to replace it. There was a further fire later at night in bushes. Lets hope the council now see sense and get security in the park before something else goes up.


A new brood of baby ducks this week with a nice yellow one but after a couple of days the yellow one was gone. It could be the gulls again but wet weather wont help.


A new plaque has been erected on the Monkey hut to Charles Dick former mayor of Crewe who help with the layout of the park

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