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Monday, June 11, 2012

Illegal Fishing in the Queens Park


This week we had over 17 kids in the park illegally fishing after some of the fish that can  be seen in the lake. They can face up to a £1,000 fine and if they injure some protected wildlife it can be more. On this occasion the Police were called using the new 101 number and they responded in 30 mins and removed all the kids and adults from the park with the warning that if they are caught again they will be in big trouble. It was reported to the local PCSO who is

PCSO 20662 Andrea SMITH

Crewe Neighbourhoold Policing Team

Crewe Police Station

Civic Centre



Work Voice Mail Telephone Number 0845 458 6370

Work Mobile Telephone Number 07828086730

If you see in any problems in the park then call the Police. Was was surprising was an elderly man and his wife was  racing a speed boat on the lake frightening nesting birds. I showed him the signs that he shouldn't be close to the lake and got a load of abuse off him a fine example to young people. He did a runner when the Police turned up


As well as fishing the new fence on Burma Island is being damaged and wood floating in the lake



Everyone favourite duck the mandarin has returned this week in the form of mister angry as he just started picking on all other ducks on the lake as you can see below a right royal rumble.


At long last the Grebe have found the bail of hay and seem to have nested on there. They have tried nesting for months but kids pinch the eggs so for once they are safe next to the island. The swan has now been on the nest on the island for a few weeks so we hope to see some young it normal takes about 36 days for the eggs to hatch.


Channel 4  is making a major series with Heston Blumenthal which aims to bring back to life the fun and nostalgia of our favourite foods. In each episode, Heston will research one of our favourite eating experiences and put his unusual twist on them, making people take time out of their busy lives to come together as communities and rekindle their fond food memories.  He plans to not only make these meal-times innovative and delicious, but to make them supersized too – to amaze and feed the masses.

In this episode Heston wants to bring back the ice cream experience that we had when we were younger and this Ice Cream Olympics day is an opportunity to find out what the public remember about their favourite ice creams. We would like members of the Crewe community to come down at 2pm on Saturday June 16th  with old photographs of them or their family eating ice creams to show Heston.

Please let me know if you are able to come along and if you have anything suitable to bring – so I can let the producer know!!


Elaine Dodd

Queens Park Manager

West Lodge, Queens Park,

Victoria Ave, Crewe  CW2 7SE

Tel:  01270 686708

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Unknown said...

What a pity they don't let people still fish in the lake, especially the OAP's and kids. 17 kids moved on!, pity seeing they weren't doing anyone any harm, I expect they went hanging around the streets instead.