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Sunday, June 5, 2011

New Cafe and Bowls Pavilion inside first pictures


The bowls hut building is finished and only the decorating and minor things left to do.


The first look inside shows the lockers and other minor things left to do and painting is under way so hopefully it should soon be open.


Inside the new cafe the situation is similar with the doors going on and minor work inside to finish off. The cafe is different in that once its finished it still cant open as the building will be finished but the new management will then need to install the kitchen equipment  before it can open.


It does look nice an bright inside with all the windows letting the sun in.


At the main lodges there has not been much progress to see as its all  sheeted off and a lot of the work is inside. This week they are starting on the new sandstone wall at the rear of the  east lodge.


The main drive is all go as at last the new paths are starting to be laid with a granite edging and drains going in with great speed this week.


The old play area has been removed and top soil has arrived ready to be put down.


We have had some nice days this week and one of the most popular attractions is the train trip around the park on the mini train


The lake is picturesque but we still have the problem with the weed coming up.


The babies are out on the lake and enjoying the sun as well this week with mum on guard

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