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Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Return of Dobin


All go this week as a crane was on site putting up steel work for the Cafe


You can now start to see something happening with the cafe as it slowly starts to take shape


I wondered what was going on with the bowls hut I could have sworn the foundation had been put in but its all gone. It turns out they had made an error and been 1.3 meters out so they have had to start again


New keep fit equipment has gone in at the rear of the bowls hut so now you can get down to the park and have a free work out. I am sure the Park manager will be there every morning leading by example


A long last an old friend Dobin has returned to the Queens Park play area It an old favourite of many children and was condemned this year and removed. But now its back having been restored back to its former glory and to bring pleasure to the next generation of young children in the new play area


The play area other equipment is going in thick and fast but there is a delay for the massive climbing frame which first need planning permission.

The trees that were cut back last week at the Tipkinder entrance have now been felled


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