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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Queen Victoria's Big Nose

How many of you have noticed Queen Victoria’s big nose


If you look on the clock tower you will see she now has a big nose. It should be a image as found on the penny black but they got it wrong and will now have to be corrected.


There is good news on the cafe above we can see the woodland walk next to the cafe. The new owners of the cafe the Pickle Jar hope to have it open by the 22nd August maybe with a basic menu to start with but are hoping to put on more menu soon.


The lake has turned a nasty green with weed and algae which the gardeners have been fishing out but it does look a mess.

Sadly the Grebes seem to have gone and their eggs are missing as reported last week kids were seen trying to steal the eggs. We dont know if they succeeded in stealing the eggs and the Grebes then moved on or not but its a sad reflection on society when this happens.

pupils from Edleston primary school and friends

Some more pictures of the Royal visit with Charlie Chaplin

Queens Park 054Queens Park 074Queens Park 138Queens Park 193Queens Park 201Queens Park 207Queens Park 212Queens Park 236 

Nice to see the old train is alive and well just a shame it cant stay in the park but if it was there it would be on Ebay by night fall

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