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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Boer War Memorial uncovered


The Boer War Memorial has had the base uncovered as part of the restoration. It has been covered for at least 35 years as we have photos showing it covered at that time how long before that it was covered we are not sure. What was amazing was that someone had covered the old bolts in grease and cloth all those years ago and now they are as new.


Below the statue as it used to be


Spring has come to the park in the shape of the daffs display which is always a good show but its been the first time in a few years that they haven't been behind the barriers so this time we can see them in all their glory

queenspark 020

By the lake the trees and bushes are also bursting into life for spring with a wonderful show

queenspark 044

Work is still going ahead with the cafe and bowls hut mostly on the installation of the roof. The old hut in the play area has now been totally  removed and will be put back soon in the new play area.

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