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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Friends agenda



Friends Meeting (22)
Wednesday 9th March, 2010   5.30pm
At   Marshfield Community Centre, off West Street, Crewe


1.    Apologies

2.    Minutes of Last meeting

3.    Matters Arising

4.    Friends Chairpersons Update and Works in Progress

5.    HLF Agreed Project Extension

6.    Lake Fishing

7.    Cafeteria Procurement

8.    Grant Applications - Potential Re-Opening Event 2011

9.    Any Other Matters

10.    Date of Next Meeting

queenspark 030

On Thursday there was a taster session for Fitness Walking and Nordic Walking Poles in the queens park. Its hoped that further sessions will take place later in the year.

queenspark 015

The work on the lodges continues as the rear of the east lodge is being removed as part of the restoration.

queenspark 024

The bowls hut veranda is coming on and the second chimney is now visible its hoped the slates can go on the roof in the near future.

queenspark 041 

The cafe they are just starting to put the roof tiles on and the ends are now completed so you can see the sandstone effect coming alive now. If the weather hold I would imagine the roof will be near completion next week

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