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Sunday, January 17, 2016

Wildlife Suffering?


The path near the golf coarse have now had a seconf coat of hardcore you can see its doesnt go all the way to the lake. It will be interesting to see if they camber this a bit so it drains into the lake as its always wet with water draining form higher land.


The path on the south side has had its first coat of tarmac and the entrance at Morton RD has been tarmaced




The little wooded area near the small bridge has now had 2 path cleared out taking out more trees. Why 2 paths are needed a few feet apart  making 3 paths in 20 ft seems a bit over kill




You now cant get to the lake to feed the ducks the path to the bridge is closed and all that area is shut off. The wildlife are wandering about as they are not getting any food. Wild life doesnt count as far as CEC is concerned they could have fenced off closer to the lake so people could give food to the ducks over the fence. Better still finish the south side and open that up then close the other side


Once again for no good reason they are chopping down trees this one has been there for years so there is no reason to cut it down the path goes past it. Its the same as the south side were they claimed it was for the paths but the path route hasnt changed. At one time if you chopped a tree down you had to have good reason and had to plant a new one


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