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Monday, June 2, 2014

Lots of New Wildlife


The bowling hut has at long last had its down spout fixed since it has been built the water poured on peoples heads as there was no spout as it should have had a fancy chain. Now they have boxed it in with a pipe so you dont get wet any more.


The heron has been on the lake nearly every day this week even though its been closed season for fishing


Last year we had lots of coots on the lake and they bred very well but there ahs been none for ages then this one popped up this week lets hope he brings his mates


The rare Barnacle goose has also popped up again this week he hasnt been seen for a while.


The swan still has all the signets and they are growing slowly unlike Nantwich were the swan lost young within a week.


One of the young all wet from a dive


Proud mum with her new babies there are a few duck with young now so lots to see

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