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Monday, December 28, 2015

Last Update 2015


The paths south side are getting the final coat of tarmac. It was stated this would be open for Xmas but the gates are still locked


By the bandstand there has been lots of sandstone which was supposed to go under the bridge but a lot has now been removed and placed by the lake.


I assume they are using the sandstone to contain the mud they have used to bank up the borders. Its a lot of money to remove mud from site so its a good way of getting rid of it. I still think the water is still going to flow onto this path as its draining from above.


The path west side of the bridge is nearley finished and they have a layby set ot may be a bench is to be put there which will not go down well with fishermen and you wont want to sit there is their casting close by



The other side (east) is now done just the path from the gate to the bridge is taking a long time as they are trying to reduce the hill.


A few greylag geese are in the park this week


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