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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Winter Wonder Land


With the bad weather the Queens Park has become a winter wonder land for those brave enough to brave the sub zero weather. early in the week it was cold and foggy giving a mystical feel.


The sun broke through later in the week but it was still very cold. What is shocking as you can see above people have been breaking into the park behind the barriers and throwing all sorts of things onto the lake. You can see metal fence,plastic fence and big rubber feet off the fences on the lake. The problem is as the lake melts all this is going into the lake which we have spent a fortune having it cleaned. It represents a danger to wildlife.


Getting any work done this week has been touch and go due to the freezing weather but the Bowls hut has had a crane there putting the steal work in and its starting to take shape slowly

DSCF2696 .

The geese and ducks have been wondering about down the main drive due to the bad weather. You can see how frosty it has been with the trees pure white.


Despite the bad weather the play area is getting the new set of swings put in. The weather is against it as they cant cement them in while its so cold.


As well as the new swings the ground is being prepared for the new climbing frame for older youths. It was hoped to get it in before Xmas but its all down to the weather as they can cement or put the rubber down in the bad weather

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