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Friday, December 17, 2010

Queens Park Play area update

queenspark 015
The bowing green now has the metal structure in place but due to the weather and the time of year progress is slow
queenspark 019
The grass is in tip top conditions and very green considering the bad weather.
queenspark 025
The same is true of the cafe all that can be done is the woodwork due to the weather.
queenspark 032
The lake hasnt thawed out full yet and its evident how much rubbish has been throw into the lake by people while its frozen all which will sink once it thaws.
queenspark 036
queenspark 038

The play area’s new climbing frame and swings have made progress despite the bad weather with the new frame on site ready to be fitted. As you can see its like doing some Xmas puzzle trying to sort out all the bits for it.
queenspark 092 
By the play area were bird food has been put out there are lots of birds coming down to feed and this has created lots of interest with bird watchers.
queenspark 065
queenspark 135
The final thing is the new improved sluice gate wheels which will make things a lot simpler to operate when the lake needs to be filled

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