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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Dan The Man


Dan Band one of the gardeners at the park was one of the three apprentices awarded Apprentice of the year. He has been doing stage two of the horticultural qualification and now going to move on to stage three. Well done to him and George his constant supervisor who make sure he is always working.


I noticed the Bandstand rain dripping everywhere the other day it seems the drains have fell apart.


The exercise area is getting a make over this week as it was raised at a friends meeting that it was muddy when wet. They are now putting concrete down around all the equipment   so it will be ok when it rains.


Volunteers wanted. I visited the bench grave yard this week all the old benches are stacked up and un loved many only want minor repairs. We are after volunteers to fix them and get that back in the park. These are all benches that people have bought to remember their loved ones but they are not the councils responsibility  a sits up to the owners but of coarse many have passed away or moved. It would be nice to get them repaired and back into the park any wood work experts ideal anyone retired that could give a few hours to fix them?


They even get wrecked by kids using them for swings under the bridge

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