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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Panoramic Queens Park Pictures


The Boar War Memorial has now had the white stones remove from its base. Why because parents dont seem to understand respect for the soldiers who gave their lives fighting for their country. Parent regularly have been letting children play on the memorial and kick the stones all  over the place  and then they take pictures of them jumping on the Lions. Has no one got any respect for people who gave their lives some of the soldiers must be turning in their graves wondering why they gave their lives to be treated this way. Stand at the memorial and read the names of the fallen you may find one of your relations fought in that war and died. The Gulf War memorial has been destroyed by vandals bring back  conscription they may then appreciate what hardship and death is all about.


In the same vain the Monkey Hut has just been rebuild only weeks ago and yes the yobs have been there carving names etc into the new wood, in the lake this week you can see dustbin, fences stones etc we are fighting a loosing battle dont parent care where their kids are anymore or what they get up to?


I just grabbed these shots as summer comes to an end and the flowers will soon have to be removed ready for winter beading plants



These panoramic shots are popular taken with a Fugi HS10 you need to double click on them to see them full screen in all their glory





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