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Monday, July 7, 2014

New Queens Park Wildlife Conservation Group


The first meeting of the new group took place today in the park soured by a heavy downpour of rain but still over 20 people turned up for the meeting. It was set up after the mysterious death of the female who had 7 cygnets one of which has gone missing. The aim of the group is to protect the wildlife in the park mostly from humans after there have been now 5 witness attacks of the cygnets none of which have been reported to the Police as they have been as its a criminal offence.

On objective is to make the islands a safe haven by providing suitable plants on them and building some sort of steps so wildlife can get to safety on the island. A few companies have shown interest it helping including Bentley, PET Hire and Cheshire work wear. The next meeting will be next Sunday at 2pm in the bowling hut. You can join the group on facebook


One of the problem faced by wildlife is as you can see a very large dog off the lead there are many dogs off lead and they often attack wildlife despite there being a bylaw on the park that they must be on the lead


Some of the wildlife on the lake this week is the Coot back last year we had lots of them and they did very well but we have the only one now


A new set of baby duck with mum out today and the baby moorhen out on his own


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