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Monday, May 7, 2012

More Baby Chicks



Some nice flowers and trees coming out the both by the bridges a welcome colour to the park



Despite other wildlife loosing chicks the baby Moorhen has survived on the island away from yobs and it is helped by fierce parent that tackle anything coming near it not matter how big.


If you can see it on the picture above the treecreeper is small, very active, bird that lives in trees. It has a long, slender, downcurved bill. It is speckly brown above and mainly white below. It breeds in the UK and is resident here. Birds leave their breeding territories in autumn but most range no further than 20 km. Its population is mainly stable.

Where to see them

Best looked for on the trunks of trees in suitable woodland. In autumn and winter, it often joins flocks of tits and other small birds, so if you come across such a flock in a wood, it is worth listening out for a treecreeper among them. They are very small and hard to see and even harder to take pictures of


The Wood hatch has now got your as they only take 16 days here its returning to the nest with food for the young


The first baby Canadian geese can be seen here there are four so far lets hope they have more luck than the swans and Grebe .

We are still trying to get hay bails around the island so the Grebe and swans can nest in peace. The wildlife experts came last week and reported.

Countryside service ......In the short term you could consider putting in a couple of floating nest platforms, though these would need to be situ ideally within the next fortnight to stand any chance of being used this year. Unfortunately from a first trawl on the internet we’ve been unable to identify anything suitable ‘off the peg’. However you could instead consider contacting one of the local conservation groups who may be willing to make one for you. As a start try... (Contact made arrangements underway).
.... Short of making a very secure (human free!) area this is impossible to guard against, especially if the nests are so very accessible.... appropriate interpretive messages is the most cost effective measure, helping to engender public interest and help for their protection. (Signs arranged). It is the public’s eyes & ears that are your best weapon in combating such anti-social behaviours of this kind. (Further inspections made today by wildfowl specialists).

So at the present time nothing has been done and time is running out all for a few bails of hay or similar


The May Bank Holiday is very nearly upon us and that means time for Crewe Brass to welcome our friends from Crewe's twin town of Bischofsheim in Germany!
HHS Bischofsheim, the town's brilliant accordion orchestra will be arriving for a programme of activity and music.
One highlight is a free Concert to be performed at Crewe's Queens Park on Sunday 6 May from 2pm, with Crewe Brass and HHS Bischofsheim performing both classics and favourites, on the stunning newly renovated bandstand a beautiful backdrop to this talented band of musicians. All are welcome. The band are hoping for lots of sunshine so that everyone can enjoy a picnic in the park before the performance.


Jane Thomas said...

So why are the friends of the park not doing anything about the swans and ducks? They could get some hay or rafts.

Wayne Walker said...

I am disgusted with the lack of response to try and protect the wildlife. I dont see the friends chairman getting of his back side to do anything but what do you expect he is never in the park. Most of the friends group never go to the park so they dont know whats going on or care. Time they all resigned

A Davies said...

I agree with other the wildlife is dieing while the council do nothing and the Friends are not doing anything either they could buy some hay and stuuf to save the ducks. Get rid of the friends they do nothing were is all the money going if not to help wildlife and enhance the park

Jim Eaves said...

I see nothing has been done yet are we waiting for all new chicks to die before anyone does anything? What about RSPB cant they help as the council have a duty of care for protected birds. I thought the friends group were there to do this sort of thing were does all the money go they make? It should be used to save these swans its a few quid but someone from friends needs to actual go to the park to see this not do nothing as usual