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Sunday, May 13, 2012

More Baby Chicks

Its getting harder every week to find something to show from the park as no work is being done other than maintenance. So its all down to wildlife as that's all that's happening.
This week we have the Heron back on site for a few days he was getting chase doff the islands by Coats as they are nesting so he has been on the bank a lot this week.
Mixed fortunes on the duck front another duck has sneaked young in without anyone seeing. The ones above are very young and only 3 left The ones below are a bit bigger and there are 4 of them.
The Canadian geese have two lots one guarded by the white goose who seems to follow them everywhere and the ones above who have 9 babies out on the lake with mother and father

Some time ago we found out about the two white ducks from the person that brought them he said.
Hi, I am a regular visitor to the park and a real wildlife enthusiast. I by chance searched for wildlife sightings at the park to see If anyone logged the comings and goings and was very pleased to find your site. The reason I wish to contact you is to shed light on the two white ducks and let you know the story as I am the guy with the pet carrier who released them. I am a former manager of Stapeley water gardens and every yr we had numerous families of ducks, sadly as I'm sure your aware Stapeley closed and last yr a lot of ponds were filled in and one duck sat on eggs basically in a building site! Sadly many of the youngsters fell prey to the local cats and mum abandoned the two remaining youngsters on their very first day in the big wide world. I rescued the pair and one of my broody hens became stepmom. My plan was always to keep them as wild as possible and release them in a safe natural environment when I believed they would have a decent chance against predators! So this is exactly what I did and couldn't think of a better place than your park where they would have a helping hand with people regularly feeding the wildfowl their plus my regular visits. I hope this is ok in hindsight maybe I should have asked permission!? They are both standard mallards whose mum was the standard brown but they obviously have something from their father or mums ancestors in their genes. On seeing them on your website and noticing the insert about them bring brought in a cage I just wanted you to know the history behind them.
Now we only have one left we dodnt know if the other has left to get married or what has happened but its not been around for a couple of weeks. They used to be cheeky and visit the gardeners hut at dinner time for butties.

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