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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Swans Attacked


A few report this week of people witnessing the swans being attacked by yobs. There are very stiff penalties if they are caught so if you see anyone doing this ring the Police as they are a protected bird.

What do swans eat I am often asked

So what do swans eat? The following are the common foods that most swans eat:

• Aquatic Plants - since swans spend most of their time in bodies of water like ponds and lakes, they also source out their food from here. They usually feed on stems, roots, leaves, tubers and other parts of any aquatic plants. This is not a problem for swan raised on natural bodies of water; however, people that raise their swans in man-made ponds or lakes must ensure that aquatic plants are present to serve as the swan's food.

• Insects - swans also wander on land and they can eat whatever small insect that may come into their way. This includes snails, aquatic beetles and many more. This is the intriguing part about what do swans eat; at first people thought that swans are purely herbivorous but as time passes by, it was discovered that swans also feed on small insects.

• Small Aquatic Animals - this includes shrimps, small fishes and other small aquatic animals. These aquatic animals are eaten by fully mature swans living in a natural pond or lake.

• Grains and Vegetables - this is the usual food for domesticated swans, especially those that are raised on farms. Swans on captivity feed on corns and other grains as well as on left over vegetable scraps.

Grain, such as wheat, and vegetable matter, especially lettuce and potatoes, can be fed to swans. Food should be thrown into the water to avoid encouraging the birds onto the bank.

This week 7 staff came down to put a hay bail and pallets in the lake for the swans and grebes to nest on away from the banks were they are being attacked. Above the man wades out to fit the hay.


The swans tried it out the next day but now seem to have used it to get onto the island so lets hope they nest there safely. Hopefully they are returning in a few days with more hay for the Grebes


The two white ducks were back again this week so we dont know were one hides but it seems to come and go maybe it has a nest close by.


The week started off with contractors building steps by Morton Rd


They are now finished but people with prams and disabled are not happy as now they cant get up or down.


On Friday a 1,000 Scouts turned up for a big meeting.

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