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Monday, February 29, 2016

New steps go in


Burma Island is getting a make over at long last Its had all new top soil and this frame work has gone in. It seems a bit odd as it only goes to one side before it went down to the lake with a fence and seat so you could site and admire the view.


Years ago we had temporary step down to the bridge from Morton rd now at long last we have proper ones put in.


The path near Tipkinder have now had the first coat and hopefully be finished soon.


Heres a mystery we complained that when doing the paths they had illegally interfered with a badges set which is a criminal offence. The council then said the whole wasnt used as it was stuffed with leaves which was very strange as there were no leaves in the area. But today you can see its very much used just look at all the soil thats been dug out in the last week or so. If people have put the leaves there blocking the hole its a criminal offence and they should be prosecuted


A lot of gulls on site this week and fighting over food in the lake


We have greylag geese back and they are getting clever if they cant find food they wadle up to the cafe for it. Below swans having a good feed


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