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Sunday, February 14, 2016

Burma Island


Down by the lake there putting in drain from the top grass area by the bandstand into the lake. That area is a swamp at times and realy need lots of drains to make it useful


The rhododendron is now in full flower very earley this one by Morton Rd gate


All the mud and old tarmac dumped on the rabbit warren its possible all the rabbits have been killed unable to get out of the burrows this is what happens when people have no knowledge  of the wildlife and were they live and dont care anyway.


The new path from the cafe to the bridge is now done


The main path by the lake is done as far as the boathouse people are waiting for them to finish so they can go and feed the ducks. The ducks are coming out of the water to get food on the paths putting them in danger from dogs running loose etc.


Bruma Island has been cleared and the old paths have been uncovered and the little fence has now gone


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