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Monday, May 26, 2014

Swan Watch After Dog Attack


The island were they put the boats at night is suffering damage from the boats smashing into the stone work with a lot of the top slabs destroyed by the boats. So this will be another restoration of restoration.


More babies in the park this time Canada Geese there is now a lot of ducks and geese with babies.


Every day this week the Herron has popped in for his dinner he doesn't know its closed season for fishing until June


members of the parks wildlife group are keeping a close eye on the swans and babies. A witness saw a man on a bike with  a grey hound type of dog off the lead attack the signets this week luckily they were close to mum and water and escaped but the dog followed them into the water. Being in the water the swan was able to defend her young. Last year the baby swans disappeared in mysterious circumstances  so we are trying to keep watch over them this year. If anyone sees any thing happening to a swan call the Police straight away


The plaque on the clock tower has now been renovated

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