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Monday, May 12, 2014

Seven Baby Swans Born


The Mayor Cllr Dorothy Flude  came for a ride on the boats in the park this week. We are having major problems with the boats not being supervised. The first incident were people using the boats to run over baby ducks and chase them around the lake while staff did nothing. There were then two separate incidents reported by the fishing bailiff and seen by others. These are serious problems that rowers got near the far side of the island and messed with eggs on a gooses nest. On the second occasion they threw the eggs and smashed them. If it had been the swans eggs they could face prosecution. Again on all these occasions staff did nothing they must supervise these boats and walk round to see none of this type of behaviour happens. They are making lots of money from the boats so they must protect wildlife and stop vandalism.  


Its a major wildlife week this week with 7 baby swans being born. Last year was the first year we had young but none survived so this year is a bumper year. There are baby ducks one has 12 babies another with 5 and one with 4 but these tend to loose a lot to gulls and dogs. There have been idiots with a black dog letting it chase duck on Sunday.


The Mandarin everyone's favourite is back again this week


Mum out with her babies keeping them close while dad chases of the bad geese





The jay down by the lake which is strange they tend to be hidden and stay out of site

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