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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Lots of Baby Wildlife


Some improvements have gone on this week with all gates getting the shields which dont seem to make much sense as they show canal boats on them?


New bike stands up near the bandstand which were put on the playing field then removed and put in the park they must have had the map upside down.



At the end of the lake were there is a mini lake the council have chucked rubbish in it for what purpose I dont know as its just dumped there and just make it worse not better. What is a muddy hole full of water has now been turned into a death trap. You can see there is rusty metal that is razor sharp so fall on that or catch it with your leg and it could cut you in half, add to that the concrete and its a lot more dangerous than if they had left it alone


Lots of Babies about with ducks Canadian Geese and of coarse the swans


Mum has been out on the grass sun bating with her babies



The babies are sticking close together in the water lets hope this year they survive as last year they got a few months old and after being hooked by fishermen the last 3 disappeared in mysterious circumstances. As a swan and eggs have been removed from a local site we need to keep our eye out for anyone messing with them.



Having a swim with mum

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