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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Virtual Tour of The Queens Park

The regeneration of the Queens Park has come to a halt as the contractor has gone bankrupt. This is a virtual tour of the state of the park April 2009. We can then show you updates as they happen once the new contractor starts work.

We start at the entrance by the BMX track and enter the park

We come to the children's area and the old shelter which is in need of restoration.

Turning to our right there used to be green houses with lots of plants for the park during the summer months this has all gone now

Down to the lake which has been drained and the islands trees removed first is the top end near the golf coarse

Then the main part near the entrance

The bridge to Burma Island has been removed but the footings for the new bridge are in ready

We then come to the Cafe and the memorial

The path down to the band stand and the bird houses has been removed but again new footings are in ready

We then come to the main entrance

On the right is the tribute to Diana

We cant turn left as its fenced off but we can see what was the wall garden and little pool

What was the Corination walk down the the bird houses has all been removed

Up the hill we have the garden for the blind which is still going but no one can get to it

Finally we come to the old Band Stand were there used to be bands playing on a Sunday in the summer

Walking around we come to the other entrance which is blocked of and the old shelter is still there in need of repair

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