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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Old Pictures of Queens Park Crewe

The old pictures of the Queens Park Crewe are printed with kind permission of Gordon Davies who I have known for over 30 years. They are taken from his books Memories of Crewe which can be obtained from any good book shop. He has a series of books showing Crewe life through the years.

The Queens park Lake

The picture of the Lake in 1947 note the Tipkinder slag heap which is now the Skatepark top left

The Home Guard in the Queens Park 1940

The old pavilion before it was burnt down

Cottage Hospital fete 1906 crowds watching tightrope walking across the lake

Queens park 1988 you can see the band stand and pavilion to the left and the clock tower top right

1910 the pavilion and the war memorial which was unveiled in 1903 the pavilion was burnt down by arsonist in 1970
The park in its infancy 1906
The pavilion 1904 from across the lake
Boer war statue
The main walk way 1914
The main entrance to the Queens Park
The park in the 1900 used for swimming as the baths werent built until 1937
The old bridge across the lake at the turn of the century
The old bridge across the lake June 1988
More pictures of the lake with the island in the center

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