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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Queens Park Trees

One of the main components of the Queens Park that no one really looks at is the trees. They form the basis of the design and are just there in the background and often over looked. But there are some magnificent trees to be seen. These pictures were all taken on Easter Monday 2009, you can take pictures of the park and two weeks later it can look so different as the trees change the background.

This old tree is next to the bowling green and childs play area and must be very old now it just dominates the landscape

By the lake but taken from across the other side with a telephoto lens you can see the shape and colors of some of the trees near the old bridge to Burma Island

Near to the cafe again taken from the other side the weeping tree is marvelous this time of year and it show the empty lake

This is a tree next to the cafe and its shape is very unusual its a marvelous tree climbed by kids for years

This conifer tree near the lake shows not only the tree but the mud piled up behind it that was taken from the lake which is now like a mountain on the top part of the park. What they will do with it is anyones guess

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