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Monday, February 23, 2015



There has been lots of wildlife to be seen this week all getting ready for breading season with the mild weather. In the friends mins they are going to make some floating island on the lake. Last time they did this they sank in a few day as even a bird landing on them sank them. They are needed now as wildlife visits now and if it cant find any where to build a nest moves on. How they will nest if boats are on the lake is another matter as last year idiots in boats destroyed eggs on nests. Above lots of robins still about and below 2 Mandarins which is rare we normally only have one at a time



3 grey lags on the lake and a lot of Goosanders keep popping in as these nest in hollow trees not on the lake they may just breed. Black birds are working overtime creating nests


In smelted places spring can be seen like this at the Gulf War memorial were the flowers are in full bloom


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