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Monday, February 16, 2015

Early Signs of Spring


Its only February but there are early signs of spring is on the way daffodils have leaves above ground and the Periwinkle is in flower all ready in sheltered areas of the park.  


The Mahonia is showing nice colours

  • Other common names Japanese mahonia

  • Genus Mahonia are evergreen shrubs with leathery, pinnate leaves which are often spine-toothed, and clustered racemes of sometimes fragrant yellow flowers, sometimes followed by black or purple berries

  • Family Berberidaceae / Berberidaceae

  • Species M. japonica is an erect medium-sized evergreen shrub with large, spined, leathery pinnate leaves and small, fragrant light yellow flowers in spreading or drooping sprays from late autumn to early spring, followed by blue-black berries


The only Broom in the park has a fine show of yellow down by the lake

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