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Monday, February 9, 2015

Buzzard in The Park


We have a Buzzard in the park he spends his time between Tipkinder the Park and the Golf Coarse. He has been seen everyday in the last few weeks he will help keep Starlings away should they return again.

Latin name

Buteo buteo


Hawks and eagles (Accipitridae)

Where to see them

Greatest numbers in Scotland, Wales, the Lake District and SW England, but now breeding in every county of the UK. Found in most habitats particularly woodland, moorland, scrub, pasture, arable, marsh bog and villages. May even be seen in towns and cities including Glasgow. Look for birds soaring over wooded hillsides in fine weather, or perched on fence posts and pylons. In some areas they are known as the tourists’ eagle, often being mistaken for this larger bird of prey.

When to see them

All year round. Birds soar, display and call most in spring.

What they eat

Small mammals, birds and carrion. And even earthworms and large insects when other prey is in short supply.


Its been a cold week but no rain and nice when there is no wind but the lake has been frozen most of the week


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