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Monday, July 8, 2013

Welcome to the Wild West


The vandals have been at it again smashing the fence over Burma Island bridge and throwing the wood into the lake.


The baby swans are doing well considering idiots with fishing line and dogs etc


A new brood of chicks just born with their mum we havent had many young this year and those we have had few are surviving. 


The dog menace has been in full swing this week with 2 collie dogs in the lake this week chasing ducks a lot of this has gone on while the wardens are sitting in the office. But the one above happened on Sunday the dog went in the lake after a ball and chasing the ducks. The idiot owner came to the lake edge and the swans were getting ready to attack as their babies were there. The man took his dog right next to a young couple with a baby and very young child and sent it in the lake again putting the baby and child in danger.

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Anonymous said...

Now that Andy Murray has won Wimbledon and everybody in the country loves tennis, will the tennis courts in between Queens Park and the Georges ever be resurfaced, this would be a good addition to the park area and the securty gaurds who open and close the park could open and close the gates to the car park for the tennis courts too, it seems a shame to let the area go to waste.