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Monday, June 24, 2013

Baby Swans in Danger from Illegal Fishing



The three baby swans are growing nicely but they are in danger form illegal fishing last week the swan ad a hook in its mouth. This week kids fish under Burma Island bridge and as people throw bread for the duck the swans come and it was frightening to see them just missing the fishing line. The kids dont care about the wildlife so dont bother to pull the line in when lots of ducks geese and swans come to get food. Its a tragedy waiting to happen. We must get the Police to catch these kids and take them back to their parents as they just give verbal abuse if anyone else says anything to them


The poor old grebe has at last made a nest with three eggs in it but once again its close to the bank and its frightened off the nest due to the illegal fishing again and people looking at it so it will be a miracle if the eggs survive


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