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Thursday, January 12, 2012



The start of another year and there isnt much happening. The gardeners are buzzy gelling trees and cut back bushes  the picture above is south side but they are also working on the other side creating a new walkway in the bushes which has been there but hidden with overgrown bushs.

There is a new out door classroom project  getting under way to use the park for classes for children which can include

Maths trails designed by children for children with guidance from teachers.  If the students were signed up as STEM Leaders this activity would count towards the award and could be added to students portfolio.  (The award is on 3 levels Primary Secondary and Advanced more details can be found at

· Tree measuring How to find the height of trees using surveying equipment working out the width of a tree by measuring its circumference

· Estimating

· Shapes and sizes

· Use of trundle wheels to measure distance

· Measuring tree rings and then relating what this means in terms of growth and the weather.

· The physics of the Playground

· Biology field trips – Pond dipping, soil analysis, Mini beast hunts, Climate change and how it affects plant life, Micro climates and habitats.

· Leaf collecting and finding which trees they belong to and art work that could be associated with this work

· A tree recognition worksheet and then doing bark rubbings for art

· Design work looking at bridges and why they chose those designs and materials

· Bridges look at how built talking to a civil engineer building bridges in the classroom or outside

· Surfaces and friction

· Disabled access design project to improve facilities at the park

· Gardening project to produce a ‘blind’ area

· Design a nest box for bird/bats

· Den building  for teamwork

· Park surveying to make a map to get an insight into surveying work

· Using fitness equipment to examine the effect on the body/muscles.  Timing looking at respiration and fitness heart rates etc which gives best ‘work out’

· Engineering of building the lake and where does the river go?

It will be interesting to see how that goes and hopefully it will help children appreciate  the park in stead of wrecking it

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