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Sunday, January 22, 2012

New Swan arrives


This week on Monday a new swan arrived at the Queens Park its unusual for a single swan to come but its turned up and stayed all week. The swans seem to get on ok we thought there may have been a fight but as you can see they swim together ok.


Its surprising how tame these swans and ducks are they come very close even when I have MAX my dog with me and dont seem to bother about dogs or people that is if the dogs are on the lead as they should be.


We have had the normal yobish behaviour again this week as they decided to throw the life belt into the lake along with tree branches. If someone get into trouble no one can help as the life belt cant be thrown.


The first wedding reception has been booked for this year in July in the Lakeside pavilion - we wish the happy couple good luck with their arrangements. Anyone wishing for function details should contact Karen on 07724 802053

Sad day this week as we pay repsects to Mrs Farmer who lived in the East Lodge for many years (married to Mr Colin Farmer who did so much for the Parks and Cemeteries),

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