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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Grand Opening Event

Next week on the 10th September the Grand open event is on so dress up and come and join in the fun.


There has not been a lot going on this week the main work is the Bowling hut were the path has been excavated and its hoped to be ready for the opening. The flowers are putting on a good show.


The main entrance flowers are in full bloom and lovely at this time of year.


The sting in the tale is Autumn is on its way. The first sign is this tree in the Queens Park as every year this is one of the first trees in Crewe to show its on its way as its colour starts to change.

On the wildlife front the white duck has settled into park life and taking bread from visitors.


This week we had 3 herons on site so the lake is getting popular with them.


The Barnacle Goose has been seen all week and now getting tame.



He has rings on so he must have been tagged at some point but its still a rare site

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