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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Queens Park Restoration Review

There has been a lot of comments on the state of the park with the grand opening. I thought a review of whats been done may be interesting.


Starting at the main gate the lodges have been restored at a cost of £250,000.00


In the same area the clock tower has been done with a clean repaint of the iron work and broken bits of stone work repaired cost of £24,000.00



The bowls hut and the cafe have been total rebuilt in sandstone and the paths around them re-laid. They are both state of the art and cost £1,625,800


The Boer war statue has been renovated and the old base recovered after 30 years and now stands proud cost £27,000


The bandstand was lovingly restored and and an area for Bats provided cost £160,000



All the bridges have been rebuilt and are all new and the lake has been restored with edges re done the lake clean out and desilted  along with the islands. Some work remains like the bank to Morton road planting of flowers etc in the lake and Burma island. cost £1,850,354  The cleaning of the lake cost £330,00 and the massive Broadwalk bridge cost £250,000


The Monkey hut is now finished at a cost of £28,000 aprox and the children's play area shelter has also been done at the same cost aprox



The play area has been rebuilt from scratch with all sort of new activities at a cost of £210,000.

There are other things that have been done like all the fence the new gates at every entrance the man footpaths. So the building work has now been completed and what remains is really maintenance. Left o be done is Coronation Walk planting and paths along with the stream and fountain. The main work is on the paths but Morton road south east side is now open its just the west side were heavy cranes destroyed the path that most work is needed along with a Tidy up of building material. The truth is the park will never be fully finished just like your house there will all ways be maintenance to be done  and there is a 10 year plan to keep the park in good condition and keep it replanted

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