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Sunday, July 3, 2011



Meet the new style rubbish bins in the Queens Park s a way of encouraging children to put litter in the bin.


If you check last weeks post we asked you what was missing in a picture of the main drive did you get the answer? Well take a look again at this weeks picture something else has gone can you spot what it is? Answers please on the back of a £10 note.


The base of the Boar War memorial is getting a make over this week with Granite edges all around the statue.


This is how that area looked before the Boar War statue was put there with the bandstand in front of the cafeDSCF3114

The cafe still isnt finished but the glass veranda is now in just waiting for the top rail. there is still a fair bit to do at the cafe.



On the wildlife front anyone know this duck its been around the park the last week or two but I cant seem to track down what type it is?


Daniel Prime said...

Is that the rubbish bin that use to be at crewe swimming baths

Stef Bennett said...

It's a mandarin isn't it?