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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Second Burma Bridge Arrives

The second Burma Bridge arrived to day just one week after the last one This time a heavier crane was need to get the bridge into place
View of the new bridge from the far side of the lake (Morton rd end) so you can see what the two bridges now look like. Notice the wall around the lake which has been completed

The crane lifting the bridge into place. next week is the big week when the long awaited Broadwalk bridge comes. As its so big this will take 3 days starting Monday when the steel support will arrive and this will have to be welded on site. Its hoped to have the bridge in by Wednesday ready for the Friends meeting which is on Wednesday at 6 o'clock at the cafe everyone is invited to attend.
There is now like 2 weeks for the contractor on site and the job will be finished its hoped the same firm will get the contract for the new cafe as they are already on site and can start straight away.

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