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Thursday, March 4, 2010

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A progress report on the state of play at the park. Details have been announced of when work will be done and finished.

Work done so far is Dredging, Tree removal, Railings, Bandstand and Drain repair.

Work to be competed by June 2010 Bridges and Lake, New Play Area. Planting on the Islands

Work to be done by June 2011 Footpaths, New Depot Main Pavilion, Bowls pavilion, Lodges and Clock, Boer War Memorial, Gates and Coronation Walk

The last of the footing for the Broad walk has now been done ready for the new bridge

A lot of work has been done this week on walls around the lake above is Burma Island wall almost completed and the bank wall leading to it from Tipkinder
Work on a new section of wall near the new bridge was well underway today and the top stones on the islands were going on. Planting of the islands is expect in the next couple of weeks subject to weather

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