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Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Queens Park Mad House

The workmen at the park have been working like mad men this week. In fact they seem to keep popping up from everywhere. Yesterday the bridge arrived and 24 hours latter its i and the path has been made up to it already. It had been reinforced to take the weight of the crane but by today the path has been remade
Burma Island in last weeks pictures there was no rocks at the cafe side but this week both layers have been put in place and the wall is close to being finished
The wall around the lake was started this week and you can see how much has been done already this week. The wall doesn't go all the way around as some of the lake has a soft edge. So all in all its a mad house with work going great guns and people can see the difference every day. As you can see the conditions are not ideal as there is a lot of water around from the snow which is hampering the work

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