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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

First Bridge back in the Queens Park

At 10 o'clock today the new sluice bridge was on the back of a lorry from Huddersfield waiting to be list into position at the Tipkinder end of the lake. It took some time to get the crane right but at 1 o'clock the list began
The crane lifted the bridge over our heads and swung it around into position. We were all surprised at the size of the bridge as it seemed a lot bigger than we had thought
By 1:30 it was in place and the finaly fixing was being done
This was the first of the bridges which should have come in December but due to the snow and ice had to be put back. As a result of that they now intend to get the next 3 bridges in in the next few weeks and they will be trying to do the three at once. Todays bridge is the small one so getting the other on site and in place should be a spectacular show.

It was noticeable today that work was progressing at an alarming rate with work men everywhere, Burma island stone work had none at the front last week but yesterday they had the bottom layer in and today the next layer was going on. Watch this page as we will be reporting weekly as things happen

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