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Monday, June 1, 2015

Coronation Walk a Disgrace

The heron has been back again this week he seems to come when there is no fishing

The Canada geese babies are doing well and the parents are guarding them on all sides

still rhododendrons coming into flower by the little bridge and the south side of the lake 

Coronation walk is a disgrace the weeds are as high as your waist once one of the best parts of the park now its a tip. The ANTS come along and tidy it then leave it for months so its back to being a tip so they have wasted their time but they just cant see that but the evidence is there. If they went down there every time they came and kept it clean and weed free it could be nice again but they wont listen to reason. The blame is with the council who took a lovely place and destroyed it the cost to make it nice is next to nothing. Remove all the weeds plant some flowers reseed the grass and the jobs done so why isnt it being done people should be up in arms over it

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