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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Total Madness



Regular reads will remember in the summer that we had a lot of fish dyeing in the lake due to lack of oxygen in the water. Of the last couple of week they have installed aeration devices  and this week on Monday they went live you need at least 6 to full oxygenate the lake but only 2 have been installed no doubt cost several thousand pounds to but fit and install all for the benefit of the fish and fishermen. Above you can see the one near Tipkinder working a treat.


At the other end of the lake were there is fishing we see one floating and not turned on WHY? According to reliable information the reason is the fishermen have complained and dont want it on as it scares the fish. They didnt think to complain before all the money was spent and they were installed! Speaking to several fishermen who fish were they use these they say they are great and the fish love them and it makes for better fishing. As they only went live on Monday they have not even given them a chance to see if if they have any effect.

This is total madness and waste of public money and who do these fishermen think they are?   The groups in the park are getting out of hand as they all think they are Capt Mannering There has been complaints today by lots of people of harassment by the Wildlife group members who are abusing people who feed the wildlife they are described as little Hitlers and all the groups have the same attitude. The Wildlife group are to plant on the islands but the correct way to do this is to analyse the soil before you start to test for PH etc before you can choose suitable plants but the yare not doing any of this and will they know how far apart to put plants to match growth height etc  

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