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Monday, October 27, 2014

Restoring The Restorations Again


In 2011 the £650,000 bowling hut was finished built from scratch and brand new. Now after just 2 years the renovation is having to be renovated all the panelling on the hut has had to be replaced. People should be asking serious question why after £7million has been spent on the park they are having to renovate a brand new hut? If you buy a kettle or tv a lot come with over 2 years warranty wouldn't you expect a hut at this price to have an even longer one?  

The next renovation of a renovation is the cafe as the veranda will have to be replaced again after a 2 year period. Why was it signed off as a completed job if it was going to fall apart after such a short space of time. I get lots of complaints about the hut as its a lot of money to spend on a few individual's as its cant be used by the general public as it used to be. At one time you could go an rent bowls and have a game now the hut is standing empty for most of the week. The council seem to like paying money out for small select groups instead of getting the park paths etc restored. The fishing is the same only a few anglers use the lake on a regular basis but they get money spent on them and the general public have to walk around on dangerous paths. The paths they promised would be done in April this year and we are still waiting for them to even start when they do it will be the worse time in winter when it makes it very hard to do.  


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