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Monday, November 3, 2014

Winter Colour in The Queens Park


Lots of nice winter colour which as its so mild should be Autumn colour. You would expect most trees to have lost their leaves by now but there hanging on but changing almost daily


One of the most colourful is this tree by Tipkinder end and below the pampus grass by Princess Di s plaque is still doing well


The Friends AGM took place recently were members are voted in for yet another 3 years as no one else turns up they all vote each other in yet again. I did find this interesting and I quote

This time last year the Chair stated we would be starting the paths; it is disappointing this has not happened, however the budget is there and waiting to go -- the only delay is ongoing consultation with English Heritage and our Planning officers –this should be resolved soon. Hopefully, the work will start on site before Spring next year.

It tell us the old old story time again last year they said it would be done in spring then they said it would be August now its next year will it ever get done? Last year they stated that Burma Island would be done by Xmas 18 months later nothing has happened its the same story with Coronation Walk no sign of that being done will the park ever be finished after all these years you could have built a new one.

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