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Sunday, March 9, 2014

The Birds are coming


A air of Jays are back in the park this is the first siting of them this year


The lake has been swamped with gulls I have never seen so many they were every where


The first section of daffs is now out and soon we will have a full display


Once again the fishing raises its head as the rules state it must only be on pegs but here we are fishing in the little pool were there arnt any pegs. Thats not fishing you may as well put fish in a barrel. The bailiff was seen talking to them but took no action what was worse there were a load there the other week with 3 dogs off the lead and all the park management team walked past and did nothing


Tuesday 11th March, 2014   6.00pm

At the Pickle Jar Lakeside Pavilion Queens Park, Crewe


1. Apologies

2. Minutes of Last Meeting

3. Matters Arising

  1. Chairpersons Update
  2. Web implications – Guest - Peter Sinclair
  3.   Events Diary up-date
  4.   ANTs Review
  5.   Any Other Business

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