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Monday, March 17, 2014

Vandals strike again


This week the Guld war memorial has returned after it had been vandalised and its better than ever. Its gone back in the same spot which is out of site so people wont see it and vandals can wreck it without being seen lets hope they leave it alone this time and remember those that gave their lives


They have started doing one of the path near the lodge this week it will only have a tempory top on it so it can be finished when other paths are done so they will all be the same colour


Vandals wreck one of the seat again this week one thats used daily by people as its shaded under the tree near the lake.


The blossom is out all over the park and seems to have come out all at once in a few days with the nice weather

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Anonymous said...

I visited QP today, a lovely spring day. Plenty of flowers and trees in blossom. Plenty of waterbirds to see. Overall, the Park continues to disappoint. Footpaths are in terrible condition. Café devoid of ice cream.