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Monday, September 23, 2013

Wildlife Volunteer's Wanted

The Queens Park is home to a lot of wildlife and we are seeking volunteers to help with the wildlife. The wildlife is slowly returning after the restoration and new wildlife appear all the time including Grebe, Heron, Jay, Cormorant King Fisher. We hope to build on this by creating a park that will attract wildlife by providing a favourable environment for them. A new group has formed to help with the wildlife and have a Facebook page. There has been a dedicated group of people who visit the park daily to feed the ducks and check on their needs for many years.


Our aim is to try to get more planting to encourage  a more diverse  wildlife population. Check on the wildlife recorded the wildlife ideally with pictures, educate people to look after and respect the wildlife and provide education to schools that visit the park.

Anyone can join us  but we need photographers, people with knowledge of all sorts of wildlife and wildlife habitat and on occasion we will need muscle to complete some projects. People dont have to turn up at specific times but be able to come when they can make sure the wildlife is protected and yobs dont smash nests as has happened in the past when swan and grebe eggs have been destroyed. If you love wildlife this is the place to be we are also looking at Tipkinder Wood to see what can be done there as well contact us here 

The wildlife group who meet daily in the park to feed look after the wildlife have had a brilliant idea. The problems have been Grebe, Swans etc cant build nest close to the banks as they get smashed by yobs. We had success with a pallet next to the island, Some breed on the island but chicks fall off and cant jump back on and die. We noticed today a large dead tree next to Tipkinder bridge it will have to be felled if we then cut it into big logs and put them next to the islands wildlife will have somewhere to breed safely and a step to get back on the island. It just need them cutting so they are out of the water and dry on the top. Any more can go in the middle of the lake. The brilliant bit really is it GREEN, cost virtual nowt and could save money carting the tree away, its natural so wont look out of place and should last years.

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