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Sunday, September 1, 2013

ANTS Everywhere in the Queens Park


The ANTS volunteer day started today and around 40 people of all ages turned up to paint bench's, pick up litter, clean paths etc. It was good to see children getting involved and even brushing up. We have one of those brushes at home but there is no instruction with it so we cant use it. Dont forget this Sunday 1st September lots more work to do so get down early and and make a day of it ALL are Welcome to join in


A lot of the bench's were cleaned and then painted


Path clearing by the lake


Sanding down the bench's by the lake

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Anonymous said...

Surely if the council, or project manager for the park is pressured into providing a commercial boating facility for the lake that company will not be able to operate a safe enterprise for customers with fishing taking place on the lake. In my opinion urging the council to provide employment opportunities within the park, by way of boat hire, will necessitate a safe environment. Thereby utilising a council feature to provide employment and remove an antisocial element.