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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

ANTS in the Queens Park


Sunday was a glorious day in the  park with the main drive flower beds now at there best. Lots of visitors enjoyed the South Cheshire Pipe Band last Sunday! Always popular.


ANTS is a new volunteer group setup on Facebook to get things done in the park. The first volunteering weekend will be on 31st August/1st September .

Q.What is the first project.
A. We are are going to tackle bench painting and weeding around the boat house area of the lake.
There will also be some jet washing involved
Q. Who is supplying the equipment?
A. The park will provide us with
Paint and equipment
Q. Can I bring my own tools?.
A. There will be tools there for you but you may also bring your own. Obviously some tools may be subject to necessary restrictions.
Q. Are children welcome
A. Yes very much so. But there may be places  they cannot go on the grounds of health and safety. (And common sense. )

We are looking for lots of people to come forward to help with this and other projects One thing we do need is volunteer Wardens to patrol the park ideally in two or threes and get dogs put on leads stop fishing and other bad behaviour but not to put them selves in any danger. I am currently the only one doing this. Looking ahead to doing bigger projects like Burma Island Coronation Walk Lodges gardens so there is big scope for anyone interested in gardening. Bench's need repairing so any carpenters out there with a few hours to spare

If you want to get involved you can contact the blog here   or via email to


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