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Monday, August 13, 2012

Illegal Fishing Again


With the summer holidays the illegal fishing has been going on again and the Police have been called several times. Lot so of notices are now displayed in the park and still they fish under the notice and let dogs off the lead. There were lots of complaints about one family who went down Tipkinder end fishing sitting right on the path and casting were all the dusks and swans are. They hooked a babies pram with the line not looking what they were doing and also another women walking her dogs. When told they got very abusive. Another lot of men threatened a pensioner with violence when he pointed out the signs. Be warned if your caught you can face  a £1,000 fine the Police will be called so make sure your children are not there fishing. The cafe had its tips stolen this week when they stole a box with £80 in it.


One who cant read the signs was here fishing this week the Heron came back on the bottom island this time.


The swans are still on the nest and have been there far to long unless they have laid more eggs as the normal time is 36 days but they have been there since June so there is little hope of any young. Its reported the swan has got a bit nasty and killed a duck this week and attacked the goose.


The main flower beds are now at there best so go and take a look

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